Ozarks Indie Book Fest Nominations

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I’m here today to tell you about a great book conference that is happening in a couple of short months. Ozarks Indie Book Fest will be held October 19 – 22, 2017 in Springfield, MO. This inaugural book fest is shaping up to be a fabulous event.

The conference is currently accepting nominations for its awards. There are 23 categories you can nominate people in, from authors to editors to publishers. It is asked that you nominate someone other than yourself.

You can find the nomination form here:


Nominations close at midnight on August 25th.

Awards will be handed out at the conference’s awards ceremony. But here’s the catch. You can only win if you attend. So grab your tickets now.

Havenwood Falls: Release Day Launch

I am so excited for this series!!

Ang’dora Productions launches Havenwood Falls into the world today with the first three books, Forget You Not by Kristie Cook, Old Wounds by Susan Burdorf, and Fate, Love & Loyalty by E.J. Fechenda. All three paranormal fantasy stories include generous doses of romance, suspense, and mystery, and they kick off the New Adult/Adult main series of Havenwood Falls. Buy the books this week for 99c each before they jump to their regular price of $2.99.

Welcome to Havenwood Falls, a small town in the majestic mountains of Colorado. A town where legacies began centuries ago, bloodlines run deep, and dark secrets abound. A town where nobody is what you think, where truths pose as lies, and where myths blend with reality. A place where everyone has a story.

Forget You Not, a Havenwood Falls paranormal romance novella by Kristie Cook FORGET YOU NOT

By Kristie Cook

Series: Havenwood Falls

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Two years ago, Kaela Peters nearly killed her fiancé by ripping his throat out. Once she gained control over her vampire urges, she hoped to rekindle their love, only to find him on one knee again—now with her best friend. She can’t blame them for their betrayal, though. They’ve been compelled to forget that she even existed. But she can’t forget them, so when she receives an unexpected job offer far away in the Colorado mountains, she seizes the opportunity to escape her past and the painful memories.

If only she’d known she was running right into her true past and memories that cut even deeper.

Her real name isn’t Kaela Peters, Havenwood Falls and her new job are not what they seem on the surface, and the love of her life isn’t the ex in Atlanta. As she starts piecing together the fragmented memories of her past and her moroi heritage, the passion of old love reignites. Until she discovers that the triggering of her vampire gene may have been foul play with dire consequences—and Xandru Roca, the epic love she’d left behind, has something to do with it all.

Old Wounds, a Havenwood Falls paranormal romance by Susan BurdorfOLD WOUNDS

By Susan Burdorf

Series: Havenwood Falls

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Betrayed by love, Sherry Grimes flees the city, seeking solace in an unfamiliar place that calls to her from deep in the mountains. But her search for comfort goes awry when she’s chased by a wolf through the forest, falls, and blacks out. She awakens in a strange room with a mysterious and forbidding—yet undeniably sexy—man by her side. So much for finding solitude. But despite the craziness that brings her to the small eccentric town, she discovers herself drawn into the magic that is Havenwood Falls.

Russell Higgins had long ago given up the idea of finding the one he could trust his secrets to—until he met Sherry. One look at the feisty woman with a broken heart has him defying his pack and rethinking his own ideas of his perfect mate. What he can’t deny is the wolf inside, claiming the human as his.

Bradley Monahan wants Sherry back, and he would do anything to make that happen. Even fight the mysteries of a town that doesn’t forgive transgressions.

While love may heal old wounds, it’s the fresh ones that Sherry must overcome to find her way back home. Wherever that may be.

Fate, Love & Loyalty, a Havenwood Falls paranormal romance novella by E.J. Fechenda FATE, LOVE & LOYALTY

By E.J. Fechenda

Series: Havenwood Falls

iBooks | Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Coming Soon to Google Play

Aster McCabe couldn’t be happier with her job managing Coffee Haven and baking blueberry scones the whole town raves about, especially her sweet and sexy boyfriend Patrick. She loves her simple, small-town life in Havenwood Falls. At least, until her sister suddenly shows up with trouble not far behind.

The sisters’ relationship has always been volatile, especially with the pressure of being the Alpha’s daughters and the expectation to be perfect. Reeve never failed in that department, and Aster grew up in the shadows of her sister’s success. But when Reeve left for college, Aster blossomed. So she’s dealt a painful blow the moment her sister walks in the door and meets Patrick—a mountain lion’s call to its mate couldn’t be any more obvious. Neither can it be controlled or refused.

When an unstable Alpha from another den claims Reeve as his mate, Aster, bitter over the recent betrayal, practically draws the guy a map to Reeve’s location, unknowingly putting her entire family and den in danger. Aster must figure out how to right her wrong and save her family. But loyalty and love are further tested when a stranger appears with the potential to forever change Aster’s fate.

These are New Adult paranormal romances in the Havenwood Falls series of New Adult and Adult fantasy novellas featuring a variety of supernatural creatures. The series is a collaborative effort by multiple authors. Each book is generally a stand-alone, so you can read them in any order, although some authors will be writing sequels to their own stories. Please be aware when you choose your next read. We do recommend that you read Forget You Not first as an introduction to the town and its eccentricities.

Books are released on a monthly basis. Coming soon are paranormal fantasy stories by Randi Cooley Wilson, Lila Felix, R.K. Ryals, Belinda Boring, Heather Hildenbrand, Stacey Rourke, and more.

Watch for Havenwood Falls High, a Young Adult series launching in October 2017.

Immerse yourself in the world of Havenwood Falls and stay up to date on news and announcements at www.HavenwoodFalls.com. Join our reader group, Havenwood Falls Book Club, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HavenwoodFallsBookClub/

Rebel by SF Benson: Release Day Launch

Congratulations on the release of Rebel, SF!

I’ve had the pleasure of editing this series, and it’s been a joy watching this series unfold!

rebel release blitz

Title: Rebel: the Alliance Chronicles, Book 4

Author: SF Benson

Genre: NA Post-apocalyptic Technothriller

Cover Design: Mae I Design/Regina Wamba

Editor: Maria Rosera



“Some secrets are costlier than others.”

Tru Shepard holds the key—a highly coveted piece of tech—in the palm of her hand.

Everyone in the American Republic has secrets—some innocent and some dangerous.

Tru Shepard, a Creative, thinks she’s fighting to maintain her identity. She soon learns that the struggle is much bigger, and she holds the key.

Zared Aoki, the guy she loves, thinks he’s fighting for happiness. The ghosts from his past are supposed to be behind him, but sometimes the past shows up when you least expect it.

In a world built on secrecy, will the truth set you free?


Chapter 11


A slight tremor rocks my body. It shakes my foundation and shatters my fucking senses. The sensation, however, isn’t the aftershock from the blows Grekov delivered. No such luck. This internal riot comes courtesy of the sophisticated man staring back at me. A man who bears an uncanny resemblance to the face I’ve seen in the mirror every day of my life.

My mother never told me anything about the man. Everybody assumed Katsuo Aoki was my father including me. It’s the lie Mom told me for years. In all honesty, I had no reason to doubt her. I was a gullible kid easily duped by a woman skilled in the fine art of deception.

The first time I saw a video stream of Jacoby Craig Venter, my mother told me he was a cruel man who ran our country. In her opinion, Leader Venter was a self-serving bastard who didn’t know how to treat those around him. I never questioned her unkind words. After all, he was a politician. He didn’t have to be liked by everyone, including my mother. Over the years, her disdain grew for him while my curiosity flexed and stretched. I wanted to know more about the leader I shared my middle name with.

I’ve seen countless pictures of Venter, but the obvious connection between us slipped by me like undetected blips on radar. His eyes are my eyes. The hair, the nose, even the way his damn jaw is set. If someone took my picture and aged it, we would be the same person. There’s no disputing it, no matter how much I don’t want it to be true. The leader of this fucked up country is my damned father.

His hazy dark eyes rake over me with hawk-like intensity. I’m certain my stare is just as hard, just as cold. What the fuck is going on in his mind? Somehow, I doubt it’s surprise. Rumors say nothing gets past this man. Deep down, I’m certain he’s known about me for years. I was probably a burden he didn’t feel the need to recognize.

If my father’s smart, he won’t ask what I’m thinking. The appearance of the pompous prick screams patriotic. I’m sure someone selected the right clothes—navy-blue pinstriped suit with crisp white shirt and bold red tie—to perfect the image. Even his graying hair is flawless. Deep down, however, lies the truth. His patriotism is garbage. It’s pungent with the stench of a cruel government. Hell, it’s deeper than that. He’s deeper than that.





“Damned unbelievable,” Venter mutters. “It’s like looking at a fucking photograph. Glad to see you made a full recovery, son.”


My body tenses. Fire courses through my veins. The words push forth and squeeze past my clenched teeth. “Don’t call me that.”


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99 cents on Amazon.com

Amnesty by Cambria Hebert: Cover Reveal

I picked up Amnesia, book 1 of this series, while I was at UTOPiA2017 in June. It’s at the top of my TBR, and I can’t wait to read it. It looks so good, and Amnesty looks just as awesome. I love the cover!

Cambria Hebert
(Amnesia, #2)
Publication date: August 18th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

There’s freedom in remembering.

My past is a double-edged sword.
Damned if I do remember, damned if I don’t.
Remembering beyond the horrors I already have will change me. Change us.
But, what if I’m living a lie? What if everything I thought was wrong, what if who I thought I was is wrong?
If not her, then…
Who am I?
Eddie says it doesn’t matter, but deep down I’m terrified it does.
I’m trapped. Held prisoner by a past I can’t remember and a future that might not belong to me.
There’s a light though, not at the end of the tunnel… But wavering in the distance, calling to me from Rumor Island.
That light, it scares me far more than darkness. Am I brave enough to confront it?
So many questions, so few answers.
I don’t have a choice; the truth always finds a way to the surface. Finally learning who I really am will be a permanent life sentence:
Total punishment or absolute amnesty.

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Author Bio:

Cambria Hebert is an award winning, bestselling novelist of more than twenty books. She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair.

Besides writing, Cambria loves a caramel latte, staying up late, sleeping in, and watching movies. She considers math human torture and has an irrational fear of chickens (yes, chickens). You can often find her running on the treadmill (she’d rather be eating a donut), painting her toenails (because she bites her fingernails), or walking her chorkie (the real boss of the house).

Cambria has written within the young adult and new adult genres, penning many paranormal and contemporary titles. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense. A few of her most recognized titles are: The Hashtag Series, Text, Torch, and Tattoo.

Cambria Hebert owns and operates Cambria Hebert Books, LLC.

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Dark Bishop by C.L. Bond and Rachael Brownell: Sale Blitz

Genres: Adult
Title: Dark Bishop
Author: C.L. Bond & Rachael Brownell
Genre: Dark Romance
A dangerous game has begun.
Sydney. Her skin felt as soft as it looked. I shouldn’t have touched her, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been to New Orleans dozens upon dozens of times. It’s a unique city, filled with tourists and superstition. And until tonight, I’d never been superstitious.
An old fortuneteller freak stopped me on the way to the diner and said I would make a decision that would change my path. She didn’t know that I’d walked the path to this very restaurant before. It had been a few years.
Who knew that the decision to return would be blessed with a beauty—five foot six with curves in all the right mouth-watering places. Clothed in cheap polyester, stained with God only knew what, Sydney was a vision. Blonde hair to her waist. Big brown doe eyes. I could almost taste her.
In his game, everyone’s a pawn…
I didn’t miss the rumble of her stomach when I asked her to dine with us. She was hungry. Something that flashed in those eyes told me it wasn’t because she just skipped lunch today. Maybe I could meet some of her needs. Forget that. I could definitely meet her needs, but it was up to her to let me. So, I left her my business card, my number.
Girls like Sydney, they’re afraid. They never make the first move. Most never even make the second. I doubt she’d call. I’d tipped her well, not because she was the best waitress I’d ever had, not even because she was within my sites. I tipped her so that when I came back to the diner, she would remember me. She would want to serve me.
And, oh, would she ever serve me. I just have to play my cards right.
…and he’s never lost a game.
Dark Bishop is unsuitable for those under the age of eighteen due to adult language and situations.

Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.You can find more information about Bond’s books via the following links:

Rachael Brownell is the author of both YA and NA Romance. Her titles are available on all platforms. If you would like to know more about Rachael or her work, she is active on most social media sites or you can always drop her an email. She loves to hear from readers.
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