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Book Blogger Challenge, Day 1

I found this awesome 15 Day blogging challenge created by April over on Good Books and Good Wine and knew that I had to take part.  I love these prompts and, considering that this is still a relatively new blog, I thought that you could learn a bit about me through my participation.  I hope you enjoy, and if you want to participate in the challenge head on over to Good Books and Good Wine to learn more.  There are many other bloggers participating who have linked their challenge posts over there as well.


Day 1: Make 15 book related confessions.

  1. I have way too many books, yet I don’t think I have enough books.  It’s contradictory, but I’m okay with that.
  2. Adding to that, I can’t say no to a free book in the YA/NA paranormal, fantasy, scifi realm.  So many books!  I think having the first book in a series be free is among the best marketing tactics.
  3. In the fourth grade I won a trophy for the most pages read.  I thought it was a very fair way to run a reading challenge because I would have lost had it been number of books.  I tackled the classics that year, some for the second time, and let’s face it, Treasure Island, The Call of the Wild, etc. are longer than the books geared towards that grade.  I read those too, but not as much.
  4. If I am behind on reading a series, that’s because I bought the first book in paperback and I will not mix hard covers and soft covers of the same series.  It doesn’t look right on my bookshelf.
  5. I am thoroughly disappointed when I buy a book only to discover that it is a part of a series but not the first book and it has failed to tell me.  There are books that I have purchased that haven’t been read because I still don’t have the first book.
  6. I love owning my books in some format.  I don’t go to the library all that often as a result.  I love libraries, I think they are great for the community and for people who don’t mind not owning their books, but I have the need to own my books.
  7. I refuse to abandon books once I start them.  The book could be a 1-star in my mind, but I always try to find something positive.  Do you abandon books?  Goodreads has a list of the most abandoned books, and coincidentally it just came out today.  I found it rather insightful.
  8. I have been known to watch the movie version of a book at the same time I am reading the book just too see how far into the book I can get before the movie ends.  I do not do this if it is my first time watching the movie or reading the book.
  9. I am #TeamBoyNextDoor (or the character closest to that) when I read anything that involves a potential love interest.
  10. I’ve stopped lending out my books after my reactions to seeing books not come back to me how they went out.  Creased bindings, dog ears, and once even fingerprints from some sort of food.
  11. If I like one book that an author writes, there’s a good chance that if I have anything else of theirs in my existing TBR pile then those will magically climb to the top of the pile.
  12. One sure sign of a good book is that I have forgotten to eat at least one meal.
  13. I love how my Kindle tells me how far in % I am with a book.  I enjoy how I can tell a friend or Twitter that I am 23% or 76% done with a book.
  14. If the book I am reading before bed is above 85% done, I must finish it before sleeping.  There will be more on this tomorrow.
  15. I really want to be a character out of a book for Halloween, but right now I can’t decide who because I’m reading so much that it fluctuates between a number of strong female leads.  Yes, I am willing to make the costume, and yes, if I ever end up at a comic-con or something in that vein, that will be my costume.

Hope you enjoyed reading my confessions, maybe you can relate to some?

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