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Book Blogger Challenge, Day 9

Today’s challenge involves why I blog about books.


Day 9: Why do you blog about books?

I’m sure that my short answer echoes that of many other bloggers.  I love books, reading, and writing, so why not?

My longer version goes like this.  I’ve loved books since I was a kid.  I once read all the time, but once college hit I found it difficult to find time to read except during vacations.  Also, things like the Kindle did not exist so I only took a couple “fun” books to college with me.  The less to move the better.  I was fortunate enough to have a lovely roommate at my first college who loves books and she introduced me to books by Gregory Maguire and Susan Cooper.  Although I’ve still only read one book by Maguire, and no, that book is not Wicked (that’s on my TBR), and if you knew my roommate that just shouldn’t be reality, I did read all of Cooper’s the Dark is Rising Sequence.  That roommate is now a librarian and gets to recommend awesome books to kids and teens and YA/NA lovers of all ages.

My vacation only reading continued through my first semester of graduate school when the pace picked up slightly as a result of getting my Kindle, but it dropped off severely as I started to write my thesis.  I read all the time, but it wasn’t the YA paranormal/fantasy/scifi that I so prefer.  That did not stop me from continuing to purchase Kindle books, which is how my collection turned into a hoarding situation.

The last year has been admittedly rather difficult for me personally.  I’ve been out of work and dealing with sequential issues pertaining to my dad: an injury he had that required surgery, his cancer diagnosis that came a month and a half after his surgery, and his death two weeks after his diagnosis.  He died 5 months ago and for the first couple of months I delved into computer games and catching up on TV shows that I hadn’t been able to see since moving home back in August 2012.  Through this entire time, I was still acquiring free books for my Kindle.

I grew tired of both so I switched to movies and finally watched The Hunger Games, which so made me want to read the book again.  I picked up my Kindle and turned it on, staying up way late to finish the book.  I didn’t stop there.  I quickly followed the first with Catching Fire and Mockingjay, all in less than 45 hours (with normal amounts of sleep and having a family birthday party to go to).  After that I didn’t know where to start, so I thought, let’s start with A and move on to B, then C and so on.

Two weeks later it occurred to me that I could blog about this.  It would be fun for me and maybe I could eventually help others find good books to read.  That’s how Reading the Alphabet started, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  :)

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