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Book Blogger Challenge, Day 12

Today’s prompt asks about the dreaded blogger fatigue.


Day 12: How do you fight blogger fatigue?

On any given day, I run two, sometimes three different blogs.  The number varies because I face serious blogger fatigue with the first one.  I’ve written in it twice in the last two months.  I’m not going to give up on it because occasionally I have something to say on that subject (it’s not about books).  I’m okay with not writing in it frequently, monthly is still regularly.  If I ever do decide to leave it alone permanently, I think I’ll be okay with that too.

I occasionally fight blogger by taking a vacation from the blog.  My second blog (also not about books) is at the tail end of a two week vacation.  At first it was accidental.  I forgot it was a Thursday (the day I post) and had nothing prepared.  Oops!  The next week I just got busy and didn’t post.  There will be a post this coming Thursday, the first since July 4th.  I think I’ll get back into it with a renewed enthusiasm for the project.  I really do love what I talk about in that blog, but it’s research heavy, so a lot goes into it.  It was once a three times a week blog and I had to reduce that to two to prevent burn out.  I further reduced it to once a week for the summer.

I have yet to experience blogger fatigue with Reading the Alphabet.  You can attribute it to it being new, but right now I attribute it to  my reading an assortment of books that are different enough that I don’t feel like I’m writing too similar of reviews.  They feel fresh to me.  Participating in challenges like this 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge certainly helps too.  Soon I’ll be rolling out new features to keep things fresh for both you and me.  I hope you like them.

Do you ever suffer from blogger fatigue?  How do you fight it?

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