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15 Minutes by Jill Cooper: Review, Dream Cast, and Giveaway


Welcome to my stop on the 15 Minutes by Jill Cooper book tour organized by Itching for Books!

15 Minutes Jill Cooper Cover

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DescriptionI have 15 minutes to save my mother’s life….

15 minutes is all the Rewind Agency gives you in the past, but for Lara Crane it’s enough time to race through the city, find her mother, and stop her from being killed in a mugging that happened over ten years ago.

But that’s not how it happened. The story she’s been told all her life is a lie and when Lara takes a bullet meant for her mother, her future changes forever.

The love of her life acts like a stranger. Her simple life is replaced with a giant house, glamorous clothes and a new boyfriend.

Except someone knows her secret. And he will try to stop her at every turn as she races against the clock to unravel a dangerous conspiracy.

15 Minutes is an edgy high octane YA thriller that can be described as Back to the Future meets Inception where the people Lara trusts change in an instant. She is in a timeline she doesn’t understand, and is about to make one fatal mistake as she faces an enemy so familiar, he’s family.


Set in the not-too-distant future, where going back in time to review memories is possible, Lara seems like a normal high schooler.  She has a boyfriend, Rick, a loving father, and a dog.  One thing is missing, however, her mother.  Lara Crane’s mother was murdered when Lara was a young girl.  At 16, her dad purchased Lara a pass to go back in time to witness a past that included her mom.  She shouldn’t be able to interact with her surroundings…but she can.

Immediately an idea forms in her head that she can save her mom so that her family can be together again.

Only it doesn’t happen that way.  After saving her mom, she wakes up to a completely new life.  She can remember her old life, but memories of a life she didn’t live begin to filter into her brain.  Plus, she has a step-dad, half siblings, a nice new-to-her home, and a different boyfriend, Donovan.  At least her mom’s alive? True, she is, but nothing is as it seems, including Lara.

I truly liked Lara as a character.  Everything changes so drastically, and she responds as expected.  She stays true to the life she had as best as she can while adjusting to, but not fully accepting, her life in the new timeline.  She’s clever.  As the mysteries of her timeline change begin to unravel, it was fun to watch her piece things together while still keeping up appearances that she belongs in this life to try to not be noticed by those who would do her harm for discovering dangerous secrets.  I highly enjoyed the secondary characters too, from complex characters like Jax, Donovan, and Miranda to Mike and Molly who, rightfully being seven, had a childlike innocence that provided a nice element to this gripping story.

From the opening sentence, “I have fifteen minutes,” I couldn’t put 15 Minutes down.  The idea of facing repercussions from altering the past is so intriguing.  Would I ever go change something if I could, knowing that my life as I knew it could change as drastically as it did for Lara?  I’m not sure.

Would you?

Now for the Dream Cast!  All names link up to IMBD profile photos.

Lara Crane Montgomery: Skyler Samuels

Skyler Samuels (8)
Skyler Samuels (8) by Greg Razzi, 2011
Creative Commons-licensed content requiring attribution

I really liked Skyler in her previous roles in The Gates and The Nine Lives of Chloe King.  She can be both tough and girly, definitely needed for Lara’s character.

Rick: Steven R. McQueen

Steven McQueen
Photo by Vagueontheshow, 2012
Creative Commons-licensed content requiring attribution

I’ve enjoyed him as Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries and he would be able to play the two versions of Rick quite well.

Donovan: Josh Hutcherson

Photo by Debbie Cerda of
Creative Commons-licensed content requiring attribution

We’ve seen what he can do when he plays a good-hearted character rising against strong entities, I say we let him do it again as Donovan. Really what’s not to like?

John Crane: James Tupper

If you’re familiar with his portrayal as David Clarke on Revenge, you know that he plays the role of incarcerated parental figure very well.

Miranda Montgomery: Kimberly Quinn

I’ve enjoyed seeing her as Jo’s mom in ABC Family’s Twisted and given where that show was leading at the end of this season, I definitely think she could pull off this role in terms of its suspense and complexity.

Mike Montgomery: Aaron or Griffin Kunitz

I love these boys as Johnny Dimera in Days of Our Lives and at age 8, either twin could still fit the bill of seven-year-old Mike Montgomery.

Molly Montgomery: Alyvia Alyn Lind

She and her older sister Emily have both played a young Amanda Clarke on Revenge, and I think she could totally fit the bill for seven-year-old Molly Montgomery.  Recently she’s been on The Young & the Restless.

Jax and Rex Montgomery: Adam Harrington

After seeing him as Ethan Conant on the short-lived The Secret Circle, he clearly has the ability to play conflicted characters quite well, so he’d be great as Jax and he could pull off Rex as well.

Patricia: Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla by sean.koo, 2011
Creative Commons-licensed content requiring attribution

We’ve seen her go from Evil Queen to evil Mayor of Storybrooke in Once Upon A Time. It’s time for her to step up the political ladder and become a shady Senator.

I also think this is a big clue into the television shows that I watch, haha.

There’s also a giveaway! Click here to go to a Rafflecopter giveaway.

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