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Review: Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

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Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Olivia lives in what seems like your average small town where neighborhood barbeques are the norm and everyone knows everybody.

However, Olivia is not your average seventeen-year-old. She has a rare birth defect called Psyche Sans Soma, or PSS for short. Her hand is comprised of ethereal energy, not skin, bone, and blood. Lately, it’s been going rogue. In calculus, her hand burned hot and then her fingers elongated into tendrils and entered Passion, the girl sitting in front of her, and pulled something out. What is it that landed in her lap? Could the new guy, Marcus, who spent most of class staring at her hand and then helped her hand go back to normal, have something to do with it? Olivia’s going to have to figure out what’s going on with her hand while on the run because she’s in a heap of trouble. This goes way beyond her rogue hand, but how? Who is behind all of this?

I loved the idea of Psyche Sans Soma. The physical descriptions of body parts that have the ethereal energy are also really neat. It’s not just blue but otherwise normal. The body parts aren’t fully solid, you can see through them (which is kind of cool on some levels depending on where the body part is), and they don’t fully touch things. The energy gives off a glowing light that pulsates and swirls. Sometimes it comes in handy, like in dark places.

I enjoyed Olivia. We immediately had something in common (the loss of our fathers) and thus I rooted for her from the start, but in truth, Patton did such a great job with creating Olivia, that I would have cheered her on no matter what. She takes things into her own hands and is quick on her feet. Fortunately when she stumbles, she has people to catch her. First there’s Emma, and all I can say is, yay Emma. Everyone needs a friend willing to risk it all for the person they care about, and Emma has been doing that since they became friends in elementary school. Being friends with a person with a PSS body part isn’t going to make you the most popular person in school. I can imagine that the only thing worse is being someone with PSS. When Emma isn’t there, Marcus is. Marcus is an enigma, and rather than give you any pieces to that puzzle, I’m just going to say that to unravel him, you’re going to have to read the book.

Overall, Ghost Hand was a gripping read. Its action was fast paced and the twists in the story kept me guessing. Just who can Olivia trust? With some hints at romance, this book was enjoyable and the satisfying ending to this story arc had me wanting more in a good way. I can’t wait to start in on Ghost Hold, Book 2 in The PSS Chronicles.
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