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Review: Dead Dreams by Emma Right


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Eighteen-year-old Brie O’Mara has so much going for her: a loving family in the sidelines, an heiress for a roommate, and dreams that might just come true. Big dreams–of going to acting school, finishing college and making a name for herself. She is about to be the envy of everyone she knew. What more could she hope for? Except her dreams are about to lead her down the road to nightmares. Nightmares that could turn into a deadly reality.

Dead Dreams, Book 1, a young adult psychological thriller and contemporary mystery.

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Reading the Alphabet Review

Dead Dreams has a great hook. Possibly prophetic dreams? Sign me up! Brie is 18 years old and out on her own for the first time. Rather than be burdened by big school loans or asking her parents for help, Brie puts off her education and moves out of the house to find work and save up for school that way, hoping that being on her own will also make her look more attractive for financial aid. Moving out also allows Brie to escape her family that seems like they could be a bit overbearing, especially her mother. Brie is forced to find a roommate in order to make ends meet, in addition to having two jobs, and it is because of this that she meets Sarah.

Sarah is secretive and suspicious. She screams of wealth but walks around with large amounts of cash because it can’t be traced like credit cards can. I wanted to scream: “MAJOR RED FLAGS, BRIE!!” but Brie picks Sarah to be her roommate. I don’t think I would ever be that desperate for a roommate. Sarah and Brie don’t have a typical roommate relationship. No shared friends, no pizza and movie nights, nothing. Sarah doesn’t even want to meet Brie’s mom. Sarah was definitely an interesting and complex character. The things she comes up with as she gets Brie involved in her schemes are so to-character and I enjoyed reading her reasonings and excuses. Look out Sarah when Brie starts to unravel the plot she has found herself in, but will it be too late for the both of them?

I enjoyed Brie. Right does a wonderful job catching the essence of an 18-year-old with dreams and ambitions. She was a bit oblivious when it comes to boys (who isn’t – I still am) and was extremely dense when it came to Sarah. I wonder if that’s what it’s like when you get involved with someone(s) with that personality, all drawn in to who they are and their story. Brie isn’t stupid by any means, with good grades in high school. I wanted a bit more on her relationship with her mom. Why was she just so needing to get out of the house and on her own? Also, more about Pastor Perry would be interesting. I hope to see him in the next book. There seems to be something more to him. There’s also mention of a first boyfriend who is currently out of the picture. His name comes up numerous times and I definitely wonder if readers will be meeting him in a future installment of Dead Dreams. I hope so. I wonder how he would tie into the story if he were to appear. It would certainly make things interesting.

Dead Dreams is a fast paced read that one can easily get engrossed in over the course of an afternoon or evening. It flows well, and I think it easily could have included the next book without issue of it feeling like it was an extremely long read. I’m wondering if this is a two book or three book series. The cliffhanger is possibly one of the largest cliffs out there, with such a great twist. I didn’t feel like I should have been at the end of the book at that point though, but I definitely will be reading the next one to see how it all turns out.


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About the Author

Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA. Besides running a busy home, and looking after their five pets, which includes two cats, two bunnies and a Long-haired dachshund, she also writes stories for her children. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get theirs in one.

Right worked as a copywriter for two major advertising agencies and won several awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for her ads, before she settled down to have children.

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