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Most Anticipated Books of 2014

So I’ve given you my Top 13 of 2013, so how about looking forward to those books that I can’t wait to read in 2014?

Undone by Teal Haviland


I loved Inception and I am so looking forward to reading Book Two!


The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons

Deep End Of The Sea - Front Cover

I’m a huge fan of The Fate Series and I can’t wait to try something new from Heather!


Stone of Destiny by Laura Howard

Stone of Destiny

The Forgotten Ones, Book 1 of The Danaan Trilogy was one of my December reads and I loved it! (Look for my review of The Forgotten Ones 1/6/2014)


Illusion by S.M. Boyce


I’ve loved the Grimoire Saga so far, so I can’t wait to see how it wraps up!
Lichgates | Treason


Iron Pendulum by Megan Curd

Iron Pendulum ebooklg

Steel Lily was one of my top reads of 2013, looking forward to Book 2!


The Age of Alandria: Daegan’s Novella by Morgan Wylie

The Age of Alandria is a great series and I love that we’ll get to learn more about Daegan.
Silent Orchids | Veiled Shadows


Fate Series #4 by Heather Lyons

Fate Series #2.5 by Heather Lyons

I’ve loved Books 1, 1.5, 2, and 3, so I’m so excited that this year will have 2 more releases of the series!
A Matter of Fate | Beyond Fate | A Matter of Heart | A Matter of Truth


Honesty by Carrie Butler

Loyalty by Carrie Butler

The Mark of Nexus Series took me by surprise in a great way so I can’t wait to read Books 2.5 and 3!
Strength and Courage


The Curse Breakers by Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Keepers is a gripping read and I so look forward to Book 2’s release!


Jabberwocky by Daniel Coleman

This one will be a rerelease with changes. I am so intrigued as to what they are!!


Seeker by Helena Sorensen

Shiloh was one of my Top 13 of 2013, definitely looking forward to this one.


Books on the Horizon (those books I can’t wait to read and have no idea when they might come out)

The Survivors Series #4 by Amanda Havard

Book 2 of The Hybrid Chronicles by Michelle Nicole

And finally…

The Next Book I’m Going to Read!
Could it be yours?