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Instant Attraction VS Insta-Love | Eva Pohler Books

One of my favorite things to discuss is insta-love. Books, bound by a page limit, often speed things up, so early on in a story, you often know who is going to end up with whom by the end of the story. These occurrences, and they happen regularly in YA and NA books, are regularly referred to cases of insta-love. The appearance of this literary element either drives readers mad or makes them very happy. Me? I’m in the pro-insta-love camp, but then again, I don’t necessarily think that it should be called insta-love. Insta-love and insta-attraction are both in my vocabulary too. Recently, Eva Pohler shared her thoughts about insta-love over on her blog, and I really like what she had to say, so I am sharing the link with you now.

Instant Attraction VS Insta-Love | Eva Pohler Books.

Eva HeadshotConjurer of gods, goddesses, and other mythological beings, Eva Pohler bunkers down in a secret lair known by some as The Living Room, and, fueled by a special elixir called Diet Coke, battles boredom and brain funk with a highly specialized weapon known as The Keyboard. With a superpower classified as Imagination, she brings the ancient gods of Mount Olympus to life in modern times.

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