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The Quest for Queena

If you follow my blog, or have found your way here, I think it is safe to assume that you at least like books. You’re likely a part of the online book community, so you know how powerful the community can be when we as individuals rally behind something or, hopefully in this case, someone.

In 2008, a member of our book-loving community was brutally attacked and left for dead at a place we book lovers often find refuge, a library. What is so routine for many of us became a life changing event for the then-high-school senior, as the attack left Queena blind and unable to walk or talk. This inspiring young woman, whose life was touched by tragedy, requires constant care and medical expenses average about $70,000 a year.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to watch this video and familiarize yourself with this beautiful person, her struggles, and her triumphs For more information on Queena, you can visit Join Queena.

An online auction to benefit Queena was established by NA Alley, with all of the proceeds going to Queena’s care. The Quest for Queena is NA Alley’s first industry-wide goodwill campaign. From now until May 1st, the auction is live, and many of the prizes should be of particular interest to authors, bloggers, and readers.

NA Alley partnered with an all-star list of donors and the Join Queena project to host a one of a kind charity auction at Packages in this auction includc:

  • Critiques from literary agents Sara Megibow & Cassie Hanjian
  • Author education courses and consultations from Authors Training Authors, Stand up-Stand Out-Rake It In, Plot Whisperer, and more!
  • Top rated publishing and writing software from Save The Cat, Scrivener, & Vellum.
  • Design & promotional services from Lola’s Blog Tours, Colbert Creative Forward Authority, BookGraphics, and StoryFinds.
  • Editorial consultations & services from respected industry pros
  • Autographed books from bestselling authors
  • A VIP pass to UtopYA reader/writer conference
  • And much, much more!

Follow the event on Facebook and join us there for a wrap-up party full of fun and giveaways, Friday, May 1st. For all the event details, check out

I urge you to check out the auction, and even if you can’t bid on something, please spread the word. Here are some tweets you can share.

On behalf of Queena, her family, our donors, and NA Alley, we thank you for your contributions.

Let’s rally behind Queena and her family. Happy bidding!