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Official Blogger Interview for #Utopia2016

What you do for work outside of blogging?

I work at a Cultural Resource Management firm as a Lab Assistant. I process archaeological artifacts as they come in from the field, wash them, and catalog existing collections.

What you do besides blogging in the literary world (editing, book reviewing, etc…)?

In addition to being a book reviewer, I recently began editing as the Paisley Editor. I do everything from content and line edits to proofreading. I also edit blurbs. I’m also involved with Indie-Visible.

What’s the one thing you feel you’ve gained by doing the above?

In addition to the amazing friends I’ve made through being bookish, I’ve gained a fuller appreciation for all of the work that goes into writing and producing a book.

How did you find Utopia?

I coincidentally started my blog  the week before UtopYA in 2013. I found out about it via Twitter that weekend because nearly everyone I had begun to follow was tweeting about it.

What did you learn or gain at Utopia that you don’t feel you would’ve gotten anywhere else?

Had I not gone to UtopYA in 2014 and 2015, I don’t think I would have gained the sense of community that I so love today. Maybe it would have come eventually, but it would have taken way more time. I don’t know where I would be without my bookish friends, and really family. I am so grateful for them.

What’s one thing you’d like to see folks in the literary world do (together or separately)?

Two things:

  1. Always hire an editor
  2. Not tear one another down over books that one may or may not like

How do you feel you contribute to the writer world at large?

I feel I help authors publish well-edited books and establish friendly working relationships with one another. I want authors to feel like my friend, not just a client. This extends into the book review world, too, I want them to find me as a friend, not someone to be feared when asking for a review or help with a cover reveal.

What’s your ultimate blogging goal?

I would love to be a well known, and fun, blog that readers enjoy coming to. I want to be a voice in the book world.