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Book Review: 7 by Jo Michaels, Casey Bond, Tia Bach, Kelly Risser, and N.L. Greene

Book Review: 7 by Jo Michaels, Casey Bond, Tia Bach, Kelly Risser, and N.L. Greene7 by Casey Bond, Jo Michaels, Kelly Risser, N.L. Greene, Tia Bach
Also by this author: 1980: You Shook Me All Night Long, Frenzy
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on January 7th 2016
Pages: 402

Seven marks upon a wall.
Tom may rise, but he may fall.
Through five lives, no one dares mention,
of the sin for which he seeks redemption.
Fates will meet, and you will see,
what will thus become of he.

Thank you to Casey Bond for providing me with a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I was super excited to get my hands on the newest book from the authors who brought readers the awesome Fractured Glass, which if you can’t tell by my calling it awesome, I loved. The idea of co-writing on such a scale, between five authors and not the more traditional two is so neat. It makes me want to be a part of something like this some day.

Anyhow, upon receiving this story I was told to expect something different, and that is exactly what I got. Broken up into six smaller story arcs, plus a bonus story at the end, each of the first five stories could easily stand alone as novelette/novellas. With a paranormal touch overall, the five stories are a take on historical romance each with a different setting and degree of romance, spanning from Ancient Rome to the more contemporary era of the 1995 (which was already 21 years ago, eek!). They are not the standard historical romance stories, an element I loved. They weren’t tidy, some were downright tragic, and given the way they all come together in the sixth part, I would have been sorely disappointed if they fit the typical romance model.

Tom, in all versions of him, was a well-developed character. It was interesting to see how he changed with the time and situation. After reading part one, then being introduced to Tom again in part two, I expected other characters to be the same as well, and was surprised when they weren’t. I was pleasantly surprised to see the twist in that regard. It brought a smile to my face when I picked up on it. I really felt for the characters in each section, and if I had to make any criticism, some sections felt just a little too clipped, but part 6 made up for it.

I was floored when the big reveal was made in part 6. It was perfect. It came together in such a way that it was almost believable, as if it really could have happened that way.

Overall, this was an immensely enjoyable story that I found riveting. I easily finished it in two sittings, but it’s broken up into bite size chunks if you need to take a longer time with it (you won’t want to). I hope that this collaboration between authors becomes a yearly tradition. I really can’t wait to see what these five minds come up with next!