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REVOLUTION Anthology Author Spotlight: Christina Benjamin

Meet Christina Benjamin

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Christina Benjamin is the Award-Winning Author of the Young Adult fantasy series The Geneva Project.

Benjamin’s writing hooks fans of mega-hit YA fantasy fiction and offers them a new series to obsess over.  She paints a vivid world where magic and imagination run wild in her epic tale of adventure, courage and friendship.

Benjamin resides in Florida. She’s dedicated to giving back to the writing community. She speaks at schools to inspire creativity in young writers and has created, a site to promote fellow YA authors.








Christmas Gift

Timekeeper's Daughter









The Geneva Project – Truth (vol.1)

The Geneva Project – Secrets (vol.2)

The Geneva Project – Lies (vol.3)

The Geneva Project: Prequels – The Christmas Gift (short story)

The Geneva Project: Prequels – The Timekeeper’s Daughter (short story)

The Underdogs – Debut Collective Anthology


What is the title of your story in the UTOPiA Anthology?

Wings of Liberty


What is your short story about?

It’s a retelling of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride with a paranormal twist. Paul meets an unlikely ally who helps him and the Sons of Liberty shape the nation with her supernatural abilities. It’s a fun blend of history, magic, love and revolution.


Was this a familiar genre / style for you?

So I guess I would consider this Paranormal Historical Fiction if that’s a thing! The paranormal was familiar for me. All of my books seem to have some elements of magic in them. I loved adding in the supernatural elements to this story like witches and magic and thinking about how it could have played a part in changing history, or perhaps it was part of history, but was omitted to make us remember it a certain way by the powers that be.


How did the story come to you?

I love history. When I travel I always want to visit and learn about the historical sites. I’m the type of person that puts their hand on a wall and wonder who else has touched that same spot throughout the years and what there story was.

So when I heard the theme was revolution my mind automatically went to the American Revolution. I love shows like Sons of Liberty and Turn that explore the personal lives of these men who are credited with shaping the nation with their revolution. Exploring how their lives might have been if their was magic mixed in spawned the idea for my story.


What book / series are you best known for?

My YA fantasy series, The Geneva Project. A reader once described it as “Harry Potter and Percy Jackson had a daughter and sent her to the Hunger Game.” That was the coolest thing ever because those books are some of my favorite series ever.


What’s your UTOPiA experiences?

Amazing! I seriously think people probably think I’m a spokesperson for Utopia because I’m always recommending it to authors, readers and bloggers. For me, it is the one Con that I will 100% plan to go to each year. Everyone is so welcoming and there was truly a magic feeling of finding your tribe. I was so comfortable that I opened up and shed my normally reserved conference-self at Utopia. I left that Con with friends for life, who I continue to talk to on a regular basis. Utopia was not only great for my career, but it was great for my soul.


How many times have you been?

I’ve been once and 2016 will be my second year attending.


What’s your favorite thing about it?

That’s so hard. I loved so many things, the panels, the keynotes, the karaoke, the lip sync, the people who attend and treat you like family. I have to say one thing that I really appreciate is that everyone was so friendly and all the other authors were really kind and wanted to help. There was no pretentiousness.


Post Script: Author’s word


I’m so appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of Utopia and this anthology. Utopia has taught me to be brave and embrace who I am. It’s brought so many great friends into my life and I’m so excited to be bringing new authors and friends with me to attend this year. I want to share the magic of Utopia with as many as I can so it can bring awesomeness into their lives as well.


For more information on the Anthology (plus a giveaway opportunity for UTOPiA attendees):


A 5th Year Anniversary Anthology for UTOPiA

Revolution CoverA diverse and celebratory collection of stories based on the theme of Revolution.

With eight stories written in a variety of genres, from Paranormal Romance, to Sci-Fi Dystopia, to Magic Realism, to Political Realism, the anthology, Revolution is a page-turning, myriad collection of voices from different times and places, but all with a strong positive message about the power each of us hold to make change in the world.

FOREWORD by Janet Wallace, Founder of UTOPiA
ABOUT by Carlyle Labuchagne, Founder of Help Build A Library in South Africa Foundation.


Raye Wagner: Narcos
Christina Benjamin: Wings Of Liberty
Jessie Campbell: Sacrifice
Kelly Risser: Rise From The Ashes
Desira Fuqua: Rebellion
Caroline A. Gill: All The Good In The World
Tricia Zoeller: The Last Thunderbird
Nooce Miller: Shattering Glass

PUBLISHER: Little Bird Publishing House. London.

Securing A Copy

Revolution Order

As the Anthology is a charity project, it’s important that we don’t over-order copies, so that we can maximize the amount of profit going to the ‘Help Build A Library In South Africa Foundation’. Although there will be some copies available on the days of the convention, please help us by pre-ordering and securing your copy using the pre-order form.

LIMITED availability in Paperback from the UTOPiA 2016 Con
PRE-ORDER form for Paperback editions is


Raye Wagner: Narcos

They are invincible. Words spoken so often they are believed to be true. The Narcos follow their own rules. The people, the laws, even the government bow to the power of the drug traffickers. And they will either pay off or kill anyone that stands in their way. An annual twenty-thousand deaths within the blood-soaked borders of Mexico attest to this fact.

In Xtepal, Rai Madra’s life is interrupted by the arrival of the the Narcos. The drug traffickers invade and subdue the small town, but a young Rai turns a blind eye to the growing parasite. As his friends cross the threshold into adulthood, the Narcos pressure each of them to take sides. When tragedy strikes, Rai will need to risk everything to expose the biggest lie of all.

The Narcos are not invincible.

Inspired by actual events in the city of Tepalcatepec, Michoacan, Mexico.

Christina Benjamin: Wings Of Liberty

On a dark and misty night, Paul Revere, Civil War revolutionary, is undertaking what will become his famous midnight ride, only it’s not just enemies lurking in the woods he needs to fear. Beautiful, mercenary witches have aligned themselves with the enemy and are intent on ensuring Paul Revere’s destined dash to the Sons Of Liberty never succeeds.

‘A fun blend of history, magic, love, and revolution.’

Jessie Campbell: Sacrifice

After the nuclear winter wiped out the rest of the planet, the last remaining city is under the dictatorship of the powerful Lord of the Dead. To protect her little brother, a sixteen-year-old girl makes the ultimate sacrifice and volunteers to join the army of dead soldiers. But something goes horribly wrong, and she’s put her family in grave danger. Only a revolution can protect them now…

Kelly Risser: Rise From The Ashes

Over a century and a half ago, a volcano exploded, wiping out life as we know it. A group of scientists and their families escaped to an underground bunker. What had been their salvation is now a prison to Connie, a seventeen-year-old descendent. She longs for freedom, fresh air, and sunshine, and battles the complacency of her friends and family. Like her hero, Amelia Earhart, she will stop at nothing for the sake of adventure.

Desira Fuqua: Rebellion

In an attempt to overthrow a domineering, tyrant-king, Thera and her rebels group together with the hope of returning democracy to their people, but revolution is a bloody endeavor and not without terrible losses. Thera can only hope that the price of freedom is worth it.

Caroline A. Gill: All The Good In The World

Time is running out. Daydreamers, the holders of the portals Between, have always held open the doors of Creation. Now they are all dead – except for Allie, the one woman Joshua, one of the last TimeKeepers, loves more than life. What is the cost of sacrifice? What will he pay for the one he loves?

Tricia Zoeller: The Last Thunderbird

A rebellious girl. An ancient creature. One shot at freedom.

Anna, also known as Little Bird, has experienced terrible loss in her life, but then something triggers a spark in her to question everything she’s known to be true.

As the mining town of Menolark abandons many of its Native American traditions, Anna uncovers a nest of corruption at the heart of their community, which she believes has led to an eternal thunder that threatens to suppress, and ultimately abolish their way of life forever. If anything is to be salvaged, then Anna must defy her elders and undertake a terrifying initiation ceremony.

Nooce Miller: Shattering Glass

An eerie plague decimates the world’s population just as a new ice age strikes the globe. Olympic archer Greer Mason is searching the frozen desolation of North America for her lost love, Boone. A note in his apartment leads her to the ruins of New York City, but the amazing high-rise greenhouse and survivor settlement Greer finds there is not what it seems.


Open to all those attending UTOPiA (Hamper to be collected from the Anthology Stand)

Hamper prize to include; Signed Paperback copy of ‘Flying Away’ by Caroline Gill, and a signed poster of ‘Mango’. A Signed Paperback copy of 7, and special mystery swag pack from Kelly Risser. An Amazon gift card and Mystery Swag pack from Christina Benjamin. A paperback of Dark Heart Anthology Vol I and II and mystery swag pack From Little Bird Publishing & Katie M. John. An eBook of both Curse of the Sphinx and Demigods and Monsters by Raye Wagner & other swag items

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