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Review: Weariland by Mary Shotwell

Wanted to tell you all about this upcoming release by Mary Shotwell. Pre-order is up now, or pick it up on May 10th when it’s published.

Review: Weariland by Mary ShotwellWeariland by Mary Shotwell
Published by Merge Publishing on May 10th 2016
Pages: 222

For fifteen-year-old Lason Davies, it all started with a text.


The last words of her murdered grandmother haunt Lason as
she travels to England with her sheltering mother for the
funeral. The crime is a sensation, but the clamoring reporters
and news photographers aren’t the only ones interested in
their arrival.

As her mother’s behavior borders on erratic (on a good day),
Lason encounters a stranger from Weariland, a dreary world
once known as Wonderland. He petitions Lason’s help in
finding a secret family heirloom, a key to saving his land—
and to Lason’s past. Lason is swept in an adventure through
Weariland’s unpredictable realm, encountering colorful,
fantastical characters and discovering her family’s elusive
history. But if she isn’t careful, she may never return…

Thank you to Mary Shotwell for providing me with a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Everyone ages in real life. No matter how much time passes, you have aged that much time. Even if it’s just a few seconds. You’re older than you were when you started reading this post. Places age, too. You’ve seen it. Paint discolors or flakes away, roofs sag, glass becomes patinated.

In Mary Shotwell’s Weariland, you’ll learn that some of your favorite literary places and characters have aged, too. Wonderland has grown up, and it’s a darker place. It’s weary and for a good reason. There’s a new feared ruler in the land, and someone is after Alice…’s descendants. Only, Lason doesn’t know that. She doesn’t know anything of her family’s history, just that someone has murdered her grandmother. This horrible act is how Lason finds herself and her odd mother in England, and it adds another layer to the story as a murder investigation plays out while Lason begins to unravel the secrets she never knew her family had.

I loved the updated facets of Wonderland in this well-written well-paced story. The twisty bits are unique and enjoyable and will for sure keep you turning the pages. Weariland is darker, but you’ll recognize some of your favorite characters from Wonderland, but with a spin. I loved how Shotwell addressed the aging process. I would tell you my absolute favorites, but I don’t want to spoil who and how for anyone. Just read it, okay?

This darkly whimsical tale is sure to delight readers with it’s unique spin on a sequel to a beloved classic. I would gladly read any sequel like this that Shotwell pens.