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Book Review: Tess by Colleen Blackstone

Book Review: Tess by Colleen BlackstoneTess on February 20th 2016
Pages: 147

Have you ever dreamed of living in space? Tess St. James had that at the very top of the proverbial bucket list. Luckily enough for her, that dream is within reach if her family is chosen to live on board the S.S. Pinnacle, a space station and is overjoyed that not only is her family going, but her father will be in charge of the entire station.

Upon arriving on the Pinnacle, Tess and the other three families settle into space living realizing that it was more than a little boring. They all have jobs to make sure that everything runs smoothly and Tess finds herself working along side Zach MacDonald in the Hydroponics lab growing vegetables and fruits.

As time goes by, Tess discovers that she has a stalker. Unfortunately, she knows exactly who it is and tries to keep her distance, but he surprises her one night and her worst fear about him is realized.

Join Tess and her family to see what life on board the station is like and find out what happens when her stalker attempts to make her his.

Thank you to Colleen Blackstone for providing me with a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I found the concept of this book to be fascinating. A high school/lifestyle program that ends in families being sent into space? How cool! I know I have a few friends who would have signed up to participate. The story quickly has the characters who are going into space go into space, so that’s where most of the action happens. It seems like a really neat living situation, with recognizable living spaces, but I think my favorite would have been the hydroponics lab where Tess grows food with her friend Zach. I enjoyed Zach’s golden boy character. The relationship that begins between the two is sweet, although I wouldn’t have minded it being a bit more fleshed out. Sentences like they kissed for a long time are cute, because they are sweet together and yay kissing, but I want the sentences to be more illustrative, learn how Tess felt about them and whatnot. Even without that, though, like I said, they make a cute couple, and who doesn’t want to work with their doting boyfriend?

Despite the coolness of living in space, I would have liked seeing a bit more of them in classes on land, get a fuller feel of her relationships with the other characters before they go into space…kind of see how she is best friends with her best friends, in addition to being told that they are her best friends, that sort of thing.

Things aren’t all fun and games in space, however, as one family starts giving Tess trouble. What ensues is something that I am sure equates to running the emotional gamut for Tess. I found these scenes to be fairly well written and there was one resulting scene was a major page turner. I just had to know if Tess would be okay. She’s a solid character who I felt invested in, so a big kudos to Blackstone for creating a character I cared about. I definitely think I would have been her friend had we been in school together.

As it stands, it’s a good book that I think you’ll enjoy. I definitely did. But this book has such potential to be great. There are some grammatical/editorial issues and places where I feel the story could be more fleshed out (I mentioned those already). With some polish, this book would definitely blast off into great book contention. Even with these issues in consideration, you’re still in for an enjoyable read once you pick it up.