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Accomplishments and Resolutions: Lichelle Slater

Lichelle Slater


Biggest accomplishment of 2016: writing Secret Santa and publishing it in a month.
Goals for 2017: Find an agent/publisher, stay on target with releasing the Sirkus av Magi trilogy (all 3 books), Top Secret Santa, and 2 short stories for anthologies. 2017 is my year to publish!





secret-santaBell Kringle is a Secret Santa—one of Santa’s elves in charge of bringing the spirit of Christmas back into the lives of those most in need. For three years, one name has popped up on her list: Drake Pine.

Drake has been her toughest assignment. And this year, Bell is determined to get his name out of the book once and for all. She hopes a Christmas romance will bring Drake around, but while playing matchmaker, Bell realizes she’s fallen for him.

What’s an elf to do?

Can Bell help everyone feel the Christmas spirit before her own disappears, along with her heart?

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c1gvxh0uaaatx52I am from Utah and have always enjoyed the adventures stories can take me on! I love to read and write young adult, and the genre doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s a fun, unique, or exciting story. I currently teach special education preschool (and absolutely love it) while writing on the side.

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