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Dream Walker by Shayne Leighton: Cover Reveal

I’m kind of in love with this cover and just had to share it. Congratulations on your upcoming release, Shayne!


There are dreams and there are nightmares. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two. The challenge for Zero is how to balance being a little of both.

Zero and his best friend Toad are Dream Eaters -warriors of human dreams, squaring up against Nightmares in nightly battles to preserve the peace. The flip side? They’re also two of the most cunning drug dealers in the Night Realm.

Annie is a budding photo journalist with a shadowed past. The medication she takes suppresses her night terrors for a while, until a mysterious stranger re-appears to her over and over, and ultimately, her lens captures something she can’t explain.

When the Council of the Night Realm mistakenly arrests and detains Annie along with Zero and Toad, she loses herself in a dark labyrinth of heists, terror and the impossible, facing nightmares she thought she’d put to bed…a long time ago.