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Beauty’s Thief by Konstanz Silverbow: Release Day Launch and Excerpt

Title: Beauty’s Thief
Author: Konstanz Silverbow
Series: Finding Gold (Book Four)
Genre: YA Fantasy Romance (Clean)
Cover Art: Ida at Amygdala Book Design

Formatting: Ali at Red Umbrella Graphic Designs
Release Date: 2-27-17

Not every monster has claws—not every beauty is kind.
Born a princess, raised to be queen, but living as a servant, Avalyn never realized she would pay the price for her father’s mistakes. Now Avalyn is living in a castle not her own, a slave to an evil witch who wants revenge on the man who betrayed her trust and ruined her.
For Avalyn, her real punishment has yet to begin.
She will be cursed to work for the witch for the next one hundred years unless true love can find its way into the castle and into her heart.

Now the princess’s freedom rests in the hands of a lowly thief who cares only for himself.


For every step Bardolph takes, I must take two. I’m almost running through the forest, trying to keep up with him as he stomps about, his bow slung over his chest, a sword on his hip. 


“Shhh,” he commands for the fifth time since we left the castle. 


It’s not as if I could be any quieter while trying not to get lost or left behind. “Must you walk so fast?” I whisper angrily. 


“We’re hunting, not taking a stroll through the woods, Princess. Forgive me for doing my job,” he whispers back, though his tone isn’t as angry. Just more mocking.


I keep quiet, wanting to say so much, but deciding against it. It will do me no good. And I’d rather not anger the one person here who could kill me without the use of magic. I do my best to keep up with the man, unsure how someone so large can move so quietly and with such stealth.


“Get down,” he whispers, pointing to a wild boar.


 I do as he says and hide behind a fallen tree log, watching with curiosity as Bardolph pulls an arrow from his quiver and gets his bow ready. He takes aim and lets his arrow loose. It finds its mark easily. The boar squeals before falling on its side, disappearing from view.


 “I think I’m going to vomit.” I lean away from Bardolph into the bushes and empty the contents of my stomach. I would much rather be searching the castle for the mirror than out here watching this. It would be more productive as well.


“You’re not one for hunting, are you?” He laughs and brushes past me, I assume to go check on the animal. 


“No, I am not, thank you very much. I’m only here with you now because Tohomoth thought it would be a good idea to send me off to see what her other prisoners do. I don’t know why because it’s not like I plan on becoming a hunter or a guard to her castle. And I certainly don’t plan on learning how to cook.” 

Konstanz Silverbow has always been a dreamer . . . but not a writer. Being an author was something she was dragged into. But since that day, she hasn’t stopped. It has become more than a hobby, it is a passion. 
During the day Konstanz works, making jewelry, playing the violin, collecting dragons, and learning all she can about medieval weapons. But at night she creates made up worlds and places where those dragons come to life and the weapons are used in battle.
Konstanz Silverbow: Proud Creator of magical worlds, fictional creatures, ideal super heroes and sarcasm since 2007!